Monday, April 3, 2017

Vertical Gardens Using Sempervivum and Sedum

On March 3, several of my friends and I enjoyed a workshop in my garage!  We used containers found at Goodwill, etc.

Holes were drilled in the bottoms (which will be the backs, once hung) of the wooden and closed containers.

Most of our plants were hens and chicks, as well as other succulents and a few small sedum plants.

Chicken wire was fitted into the boxes.  Once everyone was here, we tamped potting mix into the containers, created little holes for the plants and tamped them in, and put Spanish (spaghnam) moss over all, tucking it under and around the chicken wire.

A little spritz with water occasionally will moisten the soil.

After a few weeks in a bright, sunny window - until it becomes warm enough to set outdoors - will establish the roots.

Then the items can be hung vertically, if desired!

Tah Dah!

Poor Joan - Everyone wanted to decorate her!!  

What a great time we had!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Here we are!

We Had A Fun Time With Our Garden Ladies!

First of all, three of us (including myself) were able to gather today to update, perhaps re-evaluate, and generate "subtleties" with regard to our Garden Ladies!!

Chuckles, Guffaws, and Giggles pursued and persisted!!

A few photos:

With precise, surgical skill, Carolyn executed the removal of "the hat!"

Joan gave thoughtful consideration to the "smiling lips."
Photo One
 Photo Two

My garden lady needs an entirely new body!  Here we see new legs, the beginning of a torso, and (just for fun and hilarity) the future wig!

Hard at work... NOT hardly working!  

Carolyn cannot believe that she was being asked for a cup of tea with just a "smidge" of cream!

Back to my lady... the beginnings of arms and shoulders.... Don't make a comment.
She may throw that plastic bag - even if she cannot yet see where to throw it!  

Love this photo!  (Guess Carolyn must have provided the tea perfectly!)  

I love both these smiles!  And look at the head of hair on Joan's garden lady-friend!
(I hear rumors that she may yet undergo more "beauty measures!")

I can hardly wait until we get together again!  We look forward to a garden party in a couple of months!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GGG Visit at Kathy's site - August 16, 2013

The site of the back- backyard rearrangement (septic tank replacement last fall)!
 Ligularia grown from seed three or so years ago.  This is the first blossom EVER!
And then along comes Joan!  Yea!
 She's the veritable Peddler Opening Her Pack (trunk)
Dried allium (spray paint it and place back in ground!) and dried money plant!

Enter the Challenge-of-the-Day!  Not enough research on the Outdoor Adhesive (my fault)...  but we used 4" flimsy nursery pots with terra cotta saucers glued to the bottom.  Turn upside down after glue sets.  Cut out door for toad entrance.  Glue an assortment of items on the saucer and sides... allow to dry.

 Tah Dah!  This might be the winner!!  Sphagnum Moss.... glued everywhere! 
 The toad might have to search for the entrance, but he'd be well hidden and secluded!!