Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GGG Visit at Kathy's site - August 16, 2013

The site of the back- backyard rearrangement (septic tank replacement last fall)!
 Ligularia grown from seed three or so years ago.  This is the first blossom EVER!
And then along comes Joan!  Yea!
 She's the veritable Peddler Opening Her Pack (trunk)
Dried allium (spray paint it and place back in ground!) and dried money plant!

Enter the Challenge-of-the-Day!  Not enough research on the Outdoor Adhesive (my fault)...  but we used 4" flimsy nursery pots with terra cotta saucers glued to the bottom.  Turn upside down after glue sets.  Cut out door for toad entrance.  Glue an assortment of items on the saucer and sides... allow to dry.

 Tah Dah!  This might be the winner!!  Sphagnum Moss.... glued everywhere! 
 The toad might have to search for the entrance, but he'd be well hidden and secluded!!

Getting Together at Carolyn's - August 6, 2013

First we checked out part of a fun collection!
 It wasn't long until we were all together and began our "circle tour!"
Close-up of the above peony.
 Carolyn's water garden! It's a beautiful feature!

 We were told that moneywort can also be used as an oxygenator in a pond.

Carolyn's husband is definitely one of two unofficial members of our
GGG Garden club!
What a beautiful day!  We enjoyed some Great Conversation, Gardening, and Comradery!