Sunday, May 12, 2013

JCHC Healing Garden - May 2013

In April, Karin H and dead-headed and performed a little weeding.  We noticed the garden was in need of a little more mulch.

Nancy B and I visited the garden May 7th.  We weeded, added a couple of bags of mulch and a bird bath!
Looking good!  We need to mark the tulips and daffodils, so we can add more in the Fall.

Yes, there's a note in the mailbox!  YOU can add one, when you visit.

 The lilac bush is budded, as is the flowering crab.

We look forwarded to adding a couple of new clematis next to the beautiful trellis.

Won't it be fun to have a birdbath?

(I admit, I couldn't pass by the orange lilies... had to add a couple!)

Everything has begun growing so nicely!  We can anticipate good things to come.  We can also soon anticipate the addition of a nice-sized concrete bench.

We hope this garden truly provides inspiration and lives up to its name:  JCHC Healing Garden.