Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ABC Wednesday - G is for Gardening "Friends!"

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 My Gardening friend Gladys has long been a major Gardening influence, here.  She has appeared in others of my posts.  You can see she is a Great Garden Gathering planner!  (Click here for details)

Howevermuch she has been helpful in overseeing Garden parties and events, it is in the perusal of the winter catalogs and making future plans that I find her advice quite valuable.  She has a knack at planning a setting in which conversations might well take place in the future.

Now, I know you're thinking that Gladys is probably not helpful when it comes to actually wielding a shovel and/or hoe.  And you would be right.  But we anticipate the help of some of Gladys' friends this summer.

Perhaps you remember Susie Scare-the-Birds?  She, too, has appeared in a number of posts here.  Yes, she's one of Gladys' friends.  Gardener?  Frankly, no.  Not our Susie.  She has, however, 
Generously Guarded our perennial beds to the south for a number of years.

       August 19, 2008   (click for post that explains change of clothing)                 August 21, 2008
 See one more post with a new outfit that year! (Click here)

No, we may look to those friends of Gladys that Grace the Gardeners in the Gabby Garden Gals club.  Here they are, at a public "Support the Area Community Center" function.  They realize their civic duty!

 L to R:  Agnes, friend of Becky; Myrtle, friend of Carolyn; Matilda, friend of Nancy; my friend Gladys; Francine, friend of Joan, Bertha, friend of Cindy; Harry and Hazel reside in Oklahoma, and Rosalie, below, friend of Cindy P.

 Yes, it's a Gaggle of Gardening Gals.  Don't we look forward to Spring?

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