Saturday, April 7, 2012

JCHC Garden

The Master Gardener Garden at JCHC - it's "First Spring!"

We Gabby Garden Gals claim it, too.
Especially since Cindy has contributed so much in Doc's name,
and because we are fortunate to be able to maintain it!

I believe nearly everything is growing - and looking good, so far! The concern was last year's drought. We did water often. I'm sure that pulled it through! 

I'm not sure this "panoramic" shot will work... but click on any photo to enlarge it! 

See the cute little muscari (grape hyacinths) in the lower right hand corner? Hopefully they'll sow seeds and multiply! :-) And yes, Joan and I planted some hyacinth. They were a little droopy after a couple of days, but perhaps the bit of rain helped today (Saturday, April 7th).

Look how great Doc Dunn's flowering crab apple - Malus 'Sargentii' - aka 'Sargent Flowering Crabapple' - looks!!

Doc Dunn's Korean Lilac in the back. Cristen Shipman-Steinbeck's evergreen boxwood is in front.

You might take notice of the edging that "Tim the Concrete Man" created. He is located across from Casey's on Hwy 1 south. He did a great job.

It should help keep things neat and tidy. It was also paid for by C. Steinbeck's memorial fund.

Don't we have such good memories in getting this planted, etc., etc.?!  Check out 2011 posts, beginning in September.  (These are on the right sidebar.)

Happy Spring!

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