Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our JCHC Garden Bed

 The Jefferson County Health Center Garden Bed is now completing its first full year of being in existence!  We need to pat ourselves on the back, as maintenance was a shared responsibility this summer... and look how the garden looks now that it's Fall.  Marvelous - especially for its first year!

 Red Admiral butterfly found the asters today.

This flower bed is 40 feet long!  Too long to capture in a "straight-on" photo.  A few more plants were sunk in the ground today... a salvia (I'll add the name later) now resides in the back left-hand (west) corner behind the lilac bush.  It will be pretty there.  I wonder if Julie can locate another trellis like the one we already have?  It would be great between the wooden fence and the Karl Foerster grass.  I even purchased a smaller trellis that might be nice behind the lilac (there's plenty of room).

Someone in the hospital decided it would be good to have hummingbird feeders here and there around the grounds.  As long as someone is maintaining them, WE won't mind.  And the hummers have already located them!  

 Click on the photos to see larger images.

A few Fall-ish touches...

I'll update these photos if anyone would like to add a couple of pumpkins and something "cute" to sit on each of the bales.  (These are small bales.)  Whatever sits on them should be stuck into the bale somehow.

The three pink coreopsis are also residing in the garden as of today.  The mums and small asters will be relocated later.  The mums will go in a garden node downtown, but the asters will be placed in this bed.

Happy September 15!
"Shady Gardener"

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