Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meeting Thursday at Behner's Funeral Home

We'll be looking at the Spring/Summer/Fall calendar.
I'm going to share about Hellebores, a plant that is gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds!

A reminder about Thursday's noon to 1:00 workshop at the Jefferson County Extension Office. Kim Keller will be presenting information on Butterfly Gardening. Bring your lunch, if you'd like. See the post below this one.

We have on our April schedule to visit Joan S on Saturday, the 16th, where we'll take our first garden "tour" and then make stepping stones. If Sandi is able to make it, she'd like to share some things she's learned and/or picked up at gardening events she's recently visited.

When our weather decides to warm, which may be very soon, we'll get our exercise outdoors! Please note the sidebar of the calendar posted above!

Hope you're able to make it this Thursday! We may have a special guest, as well. Diane R has decided to visit. She seemed to be interested in joining our little group. She's a very nice person - one with whom we'd enjoy meeting, also.

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