Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to the Gabby Garden Gals' Blogsite!

We are a diverse group of gardeners that love to get together.
We often visit each others' gardens during the Summer.

I'm sorry I don't have photos of at least two of our members' gardens right now.

KD's garden

CK's garden

BSt's garden

JS's garden

NB's garden - a move to a new home... lots to do.

KB's garden

SD's garden (well... we WERE outdoors until a sudden rainstorm!)

KH's garden

CS's garden

SG's garden

Adieu! Farewell!
Come back again...
there are more posts to follow!


  1. Not another blog Shady....
    What a lovely idea. When we were living in upstate NY, people didn't have gardens. They had yards and at best a fringe of white alyssum, red petunias and blue lobelias around their foundation planting.

    I had a garden of course, no foundation low conifers (one was called blue rug I believe) and not red/white/blue fringes.

    I had 'proper' perennials and my annuals were things like cosmos, dahlias and mums. They all thought it was a bit off :-)

    So there were no gardening clubs. Instead I joined something called the AAUW, and we held talks on literature, architeture and town planning.

    Not quite my cup of tea for an evening out.

    Funny thing though, when we came across a nursery selling low conifers half price, we succumbed and bought the lot. When we started planting those (around the 'naked' foundations) all the neighbouring men came over and started chatting. We had fallen in line and were finally accepted. You have to laugh.

    I am so delighted tho see how things have changed and how blogs have helped doing so.

    I wish I could be there at some of your gatherings. Nothing so unstructured and lovely around here. I will follow your get-togethers and outings with pleasure and a touch of envy.

  2. Hi Jo! I didn't know you'd lived in the States... and wouldn't it be wonderful if you could join us in real life? I'll try to be diligent in posting here. :-)

  3. Hi Shady! Do these other gardeners have blogs? This past Sunday, there was an article on garden blogging in our newspaper. The reporter had contacted me, and I told her about the other blogger in town. It would be cool if some more people from here would start blogs, and we could have a little group like yours.


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